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How To Be Successful
25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs Characteristics

Regardless of your definition of success, there are, oddly enough, a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful businesspeople. You can place a check beside each characteristic that you feel that you possess. This way, you can see how you stack up. Even if you don't have all of these characteristics, don't fret. Most can be learned with practice and by developing a winning attitude, especially if you set goals and apply yourself, through strategic planning, to reach those goals in incremental and measurable stages.

How To Be a Successful Entrepreneurs...

1. Do what you enjoy.
2. Take what you do seriously.
3. Plan everything.
4. Manage money wisely.
5. Ask for the sale.
6. Remember it's all about the customer.
7. Become a shameless self-promoter - (without becoming obnoxious).
8. Project a positive business image.
9. Get to know your customers
10. Level the playing field with technology.
11. Build a top-notch business team.
12. Become known as an expert
13. Create a competitive advantage.
14. Invest in yourself
15. Be accessible.
16. Build a rock-solid reputation
17. Sell benefits
18. Get involved.
19. Grab attention
20. Master the art of negotiations.
21. Design Your workspace for success.
22. Get and stay organized.
23. Take time off.
24. Limit the number of hats you wear
25.Follow-up constantly.

James Stephenson is an experienced home based consultant with more than 15 years of business and marketing experience. He is the author of several popular books, including Entrepreneur magazine’s Ultimate Startup Directory and Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide, both available from Entrepreneur Press. For the extended version of this article, visit online.